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Our substance is one of the tried and true and dependable companies that are engaging as the Manufacturer, distributor, and Trading Company in the field of Ender Nail Tibia, Ender Nail Femur and Ender Nail Humerus that is broadly requested in variegated businesses. The offered scope of Tibia, Femur And Humerus are produced by utilizing high level of materials like hardened steel, combination and others with the help of contemporary innovation and dedicated group of employees. These Ender's Nails are broadly utilized at the season of medical procedure to hold the mortar emphatically.

Ender Nail Tibia, Ender Nail Femur and Ender Nail Humerus, India

These nails are generally utilized in neck medical procedures. We offer a quality scope of Enders Nails, which is created utilizing hardened steel, aluminum, and titanium as material of development. Our scope of Femoral Interlocking Nails is broadly utilized in Hospitals, Medical Institutions and Clinics. Aside from this, we offer these items at most achievable rates that suit the budgetary furthest reaches of the customers.

Special features

  • High sturdiness
  • Totally disinfected
  • High dimensional precision
  • Long-Durable common sense
  • Tried and true in nature
  • Top notch quality
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