Cervical Screw Manufacturer

Specialists utilize this screw to settle long bones for focusing both cortices to accomplish maximal dependability. The rounded end of this screw expands a couple of millimeters for limiting the odds of delicate tissue harms. Cervical Screw can be combined with lateral mass screws and thoracic pedicle screws – The surgical procedure of cervical pedicle screw is described as follows : a little lateral to the middle of the lateral mass and very close to the inferior margin of the inferior face-joint of the cranially adjacent vertebra. These Cervical Screw are manufactured of treated steel material that is obtained from the confided in wellsprings of the market.

We are occupied with offering Cortical Screw, which can be used at different healing centers and medicinal foundations for the fixation of various kinds of bones. Because of their notched nature, Cortical Screws help in locking shifted sorts of orthopedic plates for treatment of cortical bones breaks. The given screw has solidness, firmly divided and shallow strings, precise measurements and against destructive wrap up. We source erosion safe and non-poisonous materials to fabricate this screw. For settling plates to long bones, these completely, these are utilized to focus both cortices with the goal that maximal security is accomplished. Besides, these screws are accessible at profoundly focused costs to the customers. According to the necessities and requests of our regarded customers, Posterior Cervical Screw is accessible with us at industry chief rates.

Special Features of Cervical Screw

  • Sterilized
  • Elite product
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Market leading price
Cervical Cage with Screws
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