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An external fixator is a one type of metal bar or frame that is used to either attach bone or stretch soft tissues during an operation.it is generally offers sufficient stabilization after open reduction.

Since our establishment, the company has emerged among customers with a reputation as the finest manufacturer and exporter of orthopedic external fixators which are available to set the fracture of bone.

Different types of distractor are used for different conditions, orthopedic implants dedicated in line of manufacturing external fixators that provides innovative fracture management solutions included spinal connector and kidney cage for the femur and tibia fractures.

Our products have found appreciative recognition in the field of medical profession, hence recommended extensively for their quality and cost effectiveness.

Our manufactured external fixator is highly applicable in various applications that listed below

  • In management of tibia fractures.
  • Severe open fractures / bad soft tissue damage
  • Infected fractures
  • Burns
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