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Orthopedic implants was established in 2006, still we are growing rapidly in terms of world wide sales because of our extensive orthopedic products assortment and qualitative services.

"Orthopedic implant" is one of the most trusted names in the global markets of medical devices and instruments. The company also supplies a wide range of orthopedic instruments like bone screws, bone plates for applications like hospital, medical, scientific and laboratory.

Our company is the single window source for varied sizes product ranges of orthopedic screws, orthopedic plates, cervical plates, orthopedic staple, spinal connector etc., most of saves valuable time and lowers down the escalating prices.

Company is originated with the motto of offering orthopedic implants to the market and have etched a respectable position by pioneering with an extensive range of instruments in the Indian and foreign market.

Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for individuals through technological innovation.We have capabilities include appreciative the market trends and incorporating new technology into the products.


Orthopedic Screws Exporter